Update 4/3/19 Some great news overnight as Yoshi was able to unblock with little treatment. Yoshi got to go home from the ER. What a happy birthday it turned out to be.

My former Roommate and I had saved Yoshi from an abandoned home two years ago. He was found in a liter of other cats and his mother. Since then Yoshi has been a wonderful addition to our family and is always showered with love and affection. Common in male cats he had initially experienced difficulties urinating and was in agonizing pain. He was rushed to the emergency room and was treated and sent home with medication and he was feeling better in no time. It is his birthday today (4/2/18) and he had to be rushed to an emergency room again in regards to the same issue that occurred the last time. We were told it is Cystitis and is common and may sometimes have no underlying cause. Yoshi is a two year old, young, sweet and happy cat. We are hoping that we could receive some type of assistance in the financial aspect. He is required to go through a very expensive procedure in which i cannot afford. If there is anyway that any one could assist in saving the life of my cat our hearts and Yoshi’s would be overwhelmed with joy. I do not want to lose my family member due to financial circumstances as a young full time college student. I am grateful for any amount that may assist in the needed surgery for my cat.

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