We rescued Vader Monday night.  He can not walk on his back right paw.  He drags it behind him and has a hard time sitting down.  We took him to Parkville Animal Hospital Tuesday morning.  The vet said that he was 8 months or a little younger.  They did an x-ray of his leg.  The x-ray showed a fracture that is about 2 weeks old that has not started to heal.  It is in his growth plate.  His right leg is shorter than his other.  He is very lovable and sweet.  And we have decided to make him part of our family.  I actually registered him Today Wednesday 1/17/18 as my daughter’s emotional support animal.  My daughter is 16 and suffers from PTSD and anxiety.  She has completely fallen in love and bonded with Vader in the short time that we got him.  She told me that he makes her feel safe.  We want Vader to be out of pain.  He is such a strong puppy.  He doesn’t act or show that he is any pain.

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