Jack came to us in 2009 as a sick, 3 lbs. 8 oz. rescue, but thanks to lots of tender care he survived. A few years later Jack learned some tricks and became adept at balancing things, writing songs, chasing squirrels and forecasting the weather.  Add in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a website and Jack’s World was born.  This loving black Labrador soon became known worldwide (according to Facebook, in the last 30 days he has reached 639,960 people) and through his upbeat and funny posts has touched lives by providing daily laughs by seeing the world through the eyes of a black lab.  Many fans say Jack and his adventures are the first thing they look for each morning and the best part of their day. https://www.facebook.com/JacksWorld.dog/

A Jack fan described it this way: “Jack make sad people happy, soften the minds of angry people and make us smile. Jack has been given a gift and so have you. Thanks to you, Jack and the “those in charge” in bringing light into this sometimes almost always crazy world”

Now Jack has a life-threatening brain tumor, known to his fans as the M.O.N.T. (Mean Old Nasty Tumor).  He endured brain surgery once already this year and had it removed but now it has grown back.  Although not fully recovered from the first surgery, it’s time for what his family has referred to as Jack 2.0, or the M.O.N.T. eviction. The tumor is now pressing on his brain and he is having seizures. Jack is scheduled for another brain surgery and his family and thousands of friends hold their breath and pray for a positive outcome. After the removal Jack will also undergo expensive vaccinations designed to keep the tumor from returning.  The world is rooting for Jack so he can make a comeback and be where they can always find the humor and love so desperately needed in today’s world.

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