Update: Rocky had surgery today and will hopefully be able to go home tonight. Thank you to all that donated.

My dog Rocky has a scheduled surgery on November 30. I am struggling financially and I am reaching out for help.
My story:
I moved to Colorado on August 1. I am originally from Santa Barbara, CA and have lived there my whole life up until this August. I was told in February of this year that Rocky would probably need a $5,000 surgery on his right back leg for a torn cruciate ligament. I was devastated with the news and hearing of the cost. I decided to move somewhere more affordable. Not only could I not afford his surgery but just the cost of living in a 1 bedroom apartment was too expensive for me. I am still looking for work, in the mean time doing any kind of temp work I can get, which pays 11-12 dollars an hour. I am still struggling to get on my feet, but I am slowly getting there. In the mean time my dog can not wait any longer. He needs the surgery no matter what my financial situation is. This was told to me by his vet on a recent visit.
I am doing all I can for my dog. He is my whole world and I would do anything for him.
Please let me know if you guys can help us. THANK YOU so much.

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