On Sunday 12/10/17 our Ralphie became unstable multiple times and fell over so Monday morning we took him to his vet.

The vet did multiple tests and everything came back negative, but our baby was/is losing blood cells. After 4 in half hours at his vets they told us that we should take him to the Pet ER to have an ultrasound done ASAP and a blood transfusion. With no questions asked we got Ralphie in the car and rushed him to the Pet ER. After MANY tests, an ultrasound and an overnight blood transfusion the vets still are unsure exactly what is causing our boy to lose blood cells. They are looking at cancer due to the fact that his Platelets are very high, so high that his blood was clotting as soon as they drew it. Fast forward to this morning 12/12/17, my mother called the vet and got news that we did not want….the blood transfusion did not help. His blood count went from 14 to 16 which is still very low. The next step is a bone marrow biopsy which is scheduled for tomorrow morning 12/13/17. However, we are hitting our credit card limit. The vet stated that we will need to pay an additional $1,100 on top of the fund we have already had set up to be charged to the credit card. The vet also stated that after this bone marrow we will be looking at a long term treatment with lots of meds and other treatments. We are not willing to give up on our baby as long as the vet is willing to treat him. However, our credit cards are maxed out at some point and that is where we need your help. Please donate if you can if not please share this story! Thank you for any help we will keep this story updated as our baby goes through this obstacle that has been thrown at him.

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