Pancho is a 9 year old Chihuahua who is the light of my life. I did not have children and Pancho and his buddy Schmeagel are my children. Pancho is active, friendly, loving, and so sweet. Pancho suddenly developed heart issues a couple weeks ago. His heart was pounding extremely quickly and then I could hear it as far away as three feet. I borrowed the money to take him to his regular veterinarian. The vet was concerned because it came on so quickly, and it was accompanied by a high respiratory rate. He said that he would like to do x-rays of Pancho’s chest, and that he needs an echocardiogram in order to find out what was going on with him. I could not afford the x-rays and the echocardiogram would have to be done by a specialist. Our regular vet does not have the equipment to do the echocardiogram and referred us to Blue Pearl in Seattle. I went home and made the appointment with Blue Pearl for their next opening, then started a gofundme and a CaringYou account for Pancho with the hopes of raising the money for both. The x-rays were $175.00 and the Cardiologist appointment would be a minimum of $500.00. I was told to measure his respiratory and heart rate and to call the vet if it raised any more. I had been giving him Benadryl, per the vet, and told to keep Pancho as calm, de-stressed, and inactive as possible until he can get into the cardiologist. Pancho’s respiratory and heartrate continued to rise higher and higher and a few days later Pancho had either had a fainting spell or something, and passed out and fell over on the floor, still. I was scared to death. I had raised $120.00 and quickly scraped and borrowed the $55.00 balance so he could see his regular vet again and have the x-rays. The veterinarian saw no obvious signs of heart failure, but Pancho’s heart was enlarged outward on the left side, and upward on both sides. He said he had never heard the sound that Pancho’s heart is making before. There is a squeaking that he cannot identify where it is coming from. He said Pancho’s issue was unique and he hoped the cardiologist would be able to diagnose what is going on with it. The vet gave Pancho a diuretic in case he does have fluid in his lungs, it would help drain that. I also had been giving him Benadryl per the vet and trying to keep Pancho relaxed, calm, and not to let him get stressed or run around. I just pray every day for him to make it until the appointment. I am hoping it is something that can be controlled with medication, but if he needs surgery, or further tests, I need help for that, too. I am desperate to save my little buddy. I hope someone can help.
Thank you so much, Tess and Pancho.

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