Nazareth is a 15 week old new foundland puppy. We rescued him a little over a week ago. He spent 2 nights at home sleeping with my kids until he came down with parvo because the previous owner didnt get him his needed shots and take care of him. Before we got him he was in a small kitchen and only had a 5 foot by 6 foot yard to be in an use as a bathroom. Currently we’ve reached over 5000 dollars in vet bills and they keep going up. We’ve maxed out our care credit and our scratch pay an other resources. My family is asking for help too give this gentle giant the long and happy an carefree an loving life he deserves. He found his forever home with us and my kids keep asking when hes coming home. The vet gave him a 90% chance of making it with the proper vet care. He’s almost there we just need a little help to give him the boost he deserves. As long as he keeps fighting we refuse to give up on him!! Please help us.

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