UPDATE 101717 – Thank you to all that donated. Midi did get to see a vet and have some tests run.  She has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis as the underlying cause of her problems and hopefully with medication and a different diet will make a full recovery.


“Midi” short for “Midnight” is my 15 year old Toy Poodle, beloved by any who meet her.

She is the sweetest, most adorable little dog who is loving and humble. Several years ago, Midi had an attack and I rushed her to the emergency vet, where they stabilized her. I thought she was going to die as she could hardly stand, wobbling around as if dizzy and was vomiting. My regular vet at the time diagnosed her as having Pancreatitis. I searched for a way to help her via diet, even cooking her food such as fresh chicken and veggies. I consulted with a nearby respected holistic dog food provider to help Midi. Unfortunately Midi suffered another Pancreatitis attack and again I rushed her to the emergency vet where she was stabilized. My regular vet put Midi on a special diet of canned food with Duck and Potato, and advised with each feeding, I must crush up an OTC acid reducer tablet, 10 mg of famotidine, and mix with her food. This has worked now for several years, however, now Midi is suffering problems again such as not eating, diarrhea/loose stools, stomach issues where her stomach makes sounds and she doesn’t feel well, moping and not eating until her stomach clears up, at times, constipation, and vomiting her food. I am disabled myself, having lost my job a year ago due to the disability. I have found temporary, part-time work here and there, rented my car out via Turo, now have a
roommate to help with rent, and have rented out the spare room via Airbnb. I am barely making rent, am on food stamps, and hoping for help from a charitable organization to pay the electric bill. I currently do not have the money to pay the electric to keep it from being shut off in 2 days. If the electric is shut off, I will lose the roommate. I am waiting on SSDI, but cannot receive it until there is a hearing, and I have no date scheduled for a hearing. I called SSA, was told there is no date, and when I asked for further help and
information, they hung up on me. I am worried sick about Midi, and desperately want her to receive help for her now worsening health, but I can’t afford it. She is very attached to me, never leaving my side, and her anxiety has worsened as well so that she never wants me out of her sight. Even leaving her for short periods of time can cause her stomach issue to flare up. I had Care Credit and was paying on the balance incurred from not only Midi’s vet care but from my own health care, but since I can no longer pay the minimum, I have no more credit there to use, nor any other available credit. I need health care as well, but would
rather Midi get care over anything else. Please help Midi get the care she needs. That’s all I care about is getting her well.