Jager had a soft tissue sarcoma appear on hi right hind toe, that was removed May 2015. In December 2016, another growth appeared and was removed. Over the next 3 months, the  incision did not heal, and started to get bigger. He was diagnosed with Soft Tissue  Sarcoma. Histopathology identified cells infiltrating the lymphatic vessels and surrounding tissues.
A CT scan was performed on his chest and abdomen 3/23/17. No signs of pulmonary metastasis was found.
Now we are hoping he gets to start chemo, to kill cancer cells before they progress to tumors.
Along with this cost, we have additional cost of medicine, antibiotics, further CT scans and I still owe a balance for the leg amputation. The Vet gave me a payment plan, however only one payment plan is offered at a time. Any help is appreciated.

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