Update – We have heard from Harper’s mom that this beautiful girl passed over the bridge after her third treatment. Run free now Harper and watch over your family.

My baby girl went into her annual check up a little over a week ago with just a simple eye infection. She got prescribed drops quickly and sent on our way. Two weeks later we were back at the vet for the same eye infection plus an ear infection and a red rash on her belly. She got prescribed stronger eye drops, ear medication, and some seasonal allergy medication. Two weeks later we were back at the vet for an inflamed back leg and the same eye infection. She got prescribed inflammation medication and better allergy medicine and sent away again. Later that evening we went back to the vet after her condition got increasingly worse in a few hours! The vet actually looked and listened to her and saw some bad signs and sent us to our local animal hospital immediately. Within five minutes of Harper being looked at by the vet at the emergency hospital, she came back to tell me harper had a progressive form of lymphoma and that if I wanted to fight this I should go to NC State’s Veterinary hospital (a 2 hour drive from our location) immediately. She said she would call them and have them expecting us right away. That night and next day we found out that she has stage 5 lymphoma and would not have made it through the next couple of nights if I didn’t start a treatment on her right away. I applied for care credit and have been accepted for a majority of the money the vet has estimated her treatment will cost her! She is such a sweet baby and deserves the best care out there!! The treatment is 80-90% effective once given in full. She is fighting for her life so please help give her this chance for another couple of years of happiness and healthiness!

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