My beautiful boy, Dougy, went missing for 2 days. I went out to look for him and found him under my door steps, meowing, but would not come to me. To my surprise, he could not walk. I immediately called a 24 hour Veterinarian Hospital and brought him in. Took x-rays to find out he has a really bad broken pelvis. They gave me an option of an expensive surgery, for up to $5,000.00 or to euthanize. I wouldn’t dare kill a family member because I do not have enough to get him to walk again. They said that usually a broken pelvis could be healed by cage rest, but because it is so bad, he needs the surgery. I will try anything to get him the help he needs. We brought him home with only 3 days worth of pain medicine and a shot of antibiotics and fluids. He is currently able to use the bathroom, both number one and two, but he hurts so bad because he will not just go where he is laying. He is also eating. He can stretch and move his legs and tail and feels everything. The vet said that if he does not get the surgery, he will not be able to heal correctly and may never be able to walk again. This is not the quality of life my cat wants. He is very active. He absolutely needs this surgery.

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