UPDATE 10/28/18 Doogie was able to have surgery and is recuperating at home. Thank you to all that donated. #love.donate.live

Our precious Doogie is a 10 year old English Bulldog. Coming home from work one evening Doogie had gotten sick throughout the day. At first I thought it was possibly something he ate or a stomach virus but very quickly realized this was not some common ailment. He very quickly became lethargic and couldn’t even hold down water. That is what prompted me to take him to a local 24 hour emergency clinic that I have had to use in the past for an unrelated incident. Upon his examination by the doctor, they immediately found a strangulated inguinal hernia requiring emergency surgery. During that surgery they discovered that Doogie has a prolapsed colon into another existing “stable” hernia that would need addressed ASAP by a specialized surgical veterinarian. Unfortunately, during the emergent surgery Doogie acquired aspirated pneumonia which only further complicated the situation. The surgical vet, Dr. Fiore, was unable to perform the operation as quickly as she had hoped until the pneumonia clears up. After a couple of days in the hospital and on IV antibiotics, our baby boy was finally stable enough to come on and finish his recuperation. As soon as the pneumonia is cleared up Doogie will have to undergo an extensive surgery to repair and reconstruct the additional inguinal hernia and prolapsed colon. Without the surgery, this problem is a “ticking time bomb” which could result in sudden death or the eventual necessity of euthanasia due to pain and suffering.
Just like every pet parent, Doogie is our kid and we would do anything and everything to help him and to help prolong his life. We are very lucky that at the age of 10 Doogie is otherwise a very healthy and active bulldog! We are very optimistic that with this surgery Doogie will continue to bless our lives for at least a few more years! Every penny that we would be fortunate enough to get will help save our Doogie’s life!

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