UPDATE: Corie had a successful surgery and is home recuperating. Thank you to all that helped make this happen.

As a 6yr only-child, my son desperately wanted a sibling or a pet to add to our small family. We visited the local SPCA and immediately my son fell in love with the only kitten available for adoption, Corie. Over the past 7+ years, Corie is more than a part of the family, but my son’s best friend. He has such a loving personality and my now 13yr old son is heartbroken knowing that his little brother may not return home with him if he cannot get the surgery. They’ve grown up together. Corie sleeps with my son each night, attends virtual learning school with him, and awaits his return home anytime we’re away. Unfortunately, Corie started behaving oddly over the past day and we knew something was off. However, we never expected to be life threatening. Now, we’re faced with a challenging decision because we do not the money to cover Corie’s vet bill. Please help save my son’s best friend/little brother. He’s devastated right now. Thank you!

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