Update – Brizzle came through surgery with no complications and should be back to being his puppy self within the next 6 weeks. Thank you again to everyone that helped make this happen.
Update 8/15/19: Thank you so much to everyone that donated here and on the website. Brizzle will be having surgery today and we will update you as soon as we hear how he is doing

We got Brizzle through an online ad, when we arrived the living situation the dogs were in was horrible. There was a condemned sign on the window. We couldn’t leave the puppies so we have brizzle and Layla. A ladder fell on Brizzle as he was going under my bed and he has a broken leg. Brizzle has become apart of our family and we need to raise the money for surgery, we have part of it but need help with the rest. Any help is appreciated.


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