UPDATE 2 from mom: She pulled through great. He said the surgery was a little more complicated than he thought but she did awesome. He said we have to watch for infection and that she has to go back in for a visit in 2 weeks.
She is eating and going to the bathroom so she seems to be doing much better already.

UPDATE: Thank you to all that donated, I am waiting to hear from Bonnie’s mom about the surgery.

Bonnie had been left on a doorstep of a local woman and we took her in in January into our home. She bonded immediately with our other girl and they lived happily. We found out that Bonnie was not fixed after an encounter with an old roommates male rabbit. She had 3 babies and they are now 9 weeks old and love their momma.
Yesterday I picked her up after a hard day and realized something was hanging out of her. We rushed her to the vet after scrounging up $150.
They said they should easily be able to push it back in and she should be fine. The vet came back in and said would need surgery that was almost $500. We could not afford that so we gave them out $150 for the vet visit, emergency fee, and medicine to keep her comfortable until we could get her to the low income vet nearby.
This morning I called that low income vet and they told us they could not help us. We used the money we barely had and now this place cannot help us.
We love Bonnie and I could not imagine putting her down. Any help is appreciated.

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