Update 11/13/17 It is with a heavy heart that I report that Ariel crossed the bridge this weekend. Our thoughts are with her mom Belinda

I got Ariel as a graduation present. She is smart, funny, and likes to break out of her kennel whenever she hears my voice. Ariel’s favorite game to play is tag. We run
around the house chasing each other and then I tell her “come here” and she dives in my arms. She is my best friend and she cannot be replaced. I recently moved back
home to my mothers house and I had mad the mistake of leaving Ariel upstairs with my door open. She left the room to go explore and found old food in front of my little
sisters door. She ate that food and a few days later she began to throw up. A few days after that, she had a seizure. It was the scariest moment of my life. I took Ariel to an
emergency hospital and I was only able to pay for her fluids to rehydrate her. I followed up with her primary doctor and she got some blood work done. A day later we found
out her kidneys were failing and she needed immediate attention. I found a woman by the name of Donna who helps pet owners keep their loved ones alive. Her and her
husband are only able to assist with so much. Ariel will need to be there for a few days in order to get the toxins out of her body completely. If they send her home
tomorrow morning, she will die. Please help us. -Belinda

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