Hi my name is Laura and I am fundraising for my long-time best friend Zoey’s cancer treatment. Zoey was rushed to the emergency vet this morning for swelling in her abdomen. After she received extensive blood work and ultrasound testing her veterinarian discovered a very large mass affecting the majority of the left side of her liver. The fluid is a complication of her tumor and will continue to accumulate until she can receive proper treatment. This is not Zoey’s first battle with Cancer. She successfully beat cancer earlier this year but after over 6 months of remission a new cancer has formed. Zoey came into my life in November 2011 after my mom passed away that same year. I adopted Zoey from a litter of 7 female pups. She was the runt and unfortunately malnourished. But being the fighter that she is and her true resilient nature she beat the odds. Early in life she was diagnosed with CPOD/ Chronic Bronchitis. She has undergone 9 years of steroid therapy. This has added to her struggle but in typical Zoey fashion she has always persevered. She just turned 10 years old despite many saying she would not live for many years. She’s not only a fighter but the sweetest dog any person could ask for. She has been by my side during some of the most difficult times in my life. Besides my family and loved ones Zoey gives me so much love and purpose in life. Zoey is my inspiration; she has taught me so much and I am so grateful for her. We can learn a lot from underdogs and Zoey is the ULTIMATE under dog!! I can’t imagine my life without her and I want to do ALL I can to give her one more fighting chance at life. She is my little hero and I pray that we can find the help and support to get her the surgery she needs to continue to live on. Anything you can do to help my sweet girl get the help she desperately needs is greatly appreciated. If you cannot donate, please pass this along every share can get us closer to our goal!

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