Update 8/22 Zoei is doing well and was able to get a follow up. She still needs to recover and some new medications, but she is back home with Mo and the family. Thank you to all that donated.

Zoei is a rescue whose original owner was a substance abuser and owned 10 Chihuahua in a X-large crate. Zoei managed to get out of the cage and came straight to me and would not go back to the owner. I feel in love with her. Brought her home to meet Mo my son.  Mo has Cerebral Palsy, and it has impacted his brain function more so than his muscular system. He has had a total of 24 surgeries. I care for him by myself and unfortunately, he lives in a world of mental health issues otherwise unspecific. He has bouts of anxiety and depression. Zoei brings relief to him. His medication has been reduced due to her presence and she brings him joy and optimism as well encourages for him to get out of bed to walk her. Zoei got out of the house, and it looks like she may have been hit by a car. Since her accident, Mo has fallen into a mild state of depression. He feels it is his fault that she was hit. I explained to him that she got out because she wanted to and nothing he could have done differently to have prevented. For the last four days, he has been standing and sleeping on guard to ensure her safety. I cannot surrender her due to the inability to provide adequate emergency care. If we are able to be blessed with assistance it would mean the world to my son, Zoei and me. Our family would not be the same without her. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. His support agency has been extremely supportive in making sure Mo is kept in the home because he has a lot to contribute to our family and the community at large. Zoei is the last piece to our happy family. To see her in her current state is heart breaking. If we are blessed to receive any financial assistance to care for Zoei, please know we will forever be grateful.

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