Weasley is an approximately 1 year old border collie mix. She came into a Humane Society in Alabama with a leg that had been broken and healed on its own. She was pulled from the HS by a veterinarian, and then found herself in the wonderful For the Paws Rescue. While she was under For the Paws’ care, I saw her picture on Facebook and just somehow knew she would be a perfect fit for our family. With Ma, Paws, & Me Rescue’s help, she was transported to Wisconsin.


Perfect for our family is an understatement. She has been a great companion for her border collie brother Remus and I can’t imagine life without her, even after only having her two months.

I got her knowing that her leg wasn’t normal but under the impression that it was fine (not the rescue’s fault!) It turns out that while she still uses it quite a bit, she limps maybe 20% of the time, meaning it is painful. The main problem isn’t the wonky healing on the old break, but the elbow dysplasia that has developed because of it. There isn’t a large amount of arthritis in the joint at this point, but it will likely get worse over time. It’s hard to know how fast it will progress without just letting time pass… but the worse it gets, the harder it will be to repair.

I’m writing this because I think she deserves to have it repaired. Everyone who has met her knows how sweet she is — a little skittish, but growing more confident each day. Super smart. Despite her leg, she can keep up with Remy all day and run circles around me.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting such a large vet bill with a newly adopted dog, and having just gone almost completely full time with my business, things are too tight right now for me to attempt it.

I know things are tight for everyone and everyone has their own needs, but I’d be forever grateful if you’d consider passing a few dollars our way. I try to do my best to do the same to others when they are in need.

Thanks for your time.

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