UPDATE: Thank you to all that donated. Trinket was able to be seen and unfortunately the x-rays show osteosarcoma (bone cancer). At this point we are not sure if there are any good options to extend the time she has with mom. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

Hello, my story with Trinket is she was gotten for me as a Companion. I had gotten sick and went on dialysis and she helps me a lot and lets me know when my sugar is off. What a joy she in my life, she knows when I’m not feeling good and she’s such a loving dog.  She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen, and she’s been pretty healthy.  She jumped off the bed and has injured her ankle even though she’s hurt she’s still trying to make me happy. She is a very special dog she has a such a gentle soul. I need to get her to the vet and any help is much appreciated.


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