Normally I do not like talking about stuff in my personal life or asking for help. Everyone has tough things that they’re dealing with and the world has a lot of
problems. Unfortunately I’m in a position where I don’t have much choice except to share a story with you. Over the past 8 years I have become friends with a spunky Shih Tzu named Tinkerbell.

Every time I would visit my parents in Chicago, their little dog would follow me around and want to play. This summer, due to unfortunate circumstances, my parents
could no longer take care of TInkerbell so she came to live with me. The move was a big adjustment for both of us, yet we have adapted and enjoy our new life. Shortly after
arriving and getting settled, Tink started limping and a lump was found on the back of her left leg. The doctors have determined that Tink has stage 2 mast cell cancer. The
tumor was removed and further testing revealed that the cancer has not spread to her organs. Treatment is being pursued because Tink has a strong chance of beating this
disease. Up until this point she has been strong and healthy. Tink loves going for walks, meeting other dogs, chasing squirrels, and playing with her toys. She also writes
a blog about her move to Portland. Thank you for reading about my friend Tinkerbell. Please share her story with others.
For updates, you can check out her blog:
Everyone has problems. Sometimes it helps to just share a story. Thanks

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