Update 8/2018 Tank is still on the long road to recovery and is doing well although he would love to be able to run and play instead of leash walks. We are hoping you will be back to chasing squirrels soon Tank!

My name is Tank and I am your typical, happy, crazy lab … that is until I chased a squirrel and tore my ACL. I now need a VERY expensive surgery if I am ever to be out of pain and use my left leg again. Mom and dad are both retired so this surgery is really going to be a hardship, especially since they have 3 other mouths to feed besides mine (2 dogs and a bunny). They said “Don’t worry Tankie, we’re going to take care of you.” But the cost and 8 weeks of rehab, maybe longer, is a lot of money. I’m a really good boy and I’m asking if you can see your way to help me help them. Thanks. (And make your dogs watch out for those darn squirrels!!!)

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