Squidy is the most loving and sweetest Chihuahua we have met.

Squidy brings a lot of joy to our family and those who have met him. It saddens us to say that Squidy was attacked by a much larger dog then him on July 19th, 2017. Three of our dogs were attacked, but Squidy had the worst injuries out of them. Our brave little boy was trying to protect his mother and sister from being bit by this dog who we do not know. We had to rush him to the Vets as fast as possiblewhere he then had to be put on oxygen. Squidy has a bruised lung and a fractured rib, along with a wound that could possibly need surgery to repair. We normally wouldn’t ask for help, but squidy is the love of our two year olds life. Squidy and Rilynn have a bond like no other, he lets her dress him up and push him around in her baby stroller all the time. A girl’s best friend. We are truley grateful for any help that we can get! Thank you very much!

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