UPDATE: Shira has been released to go home. She has lost quite a bit of weight and is weak but happy to be home. Thank you to all that donated and kept her in your thoughts.

What can I say about our unexpected rescue. Shira found her way into our hearts almost 4 years ago when a friend of my wife contacted us and said there was a litter of puppies being given away. Puppies that were not taken would be dropped at the nearest shelter.
Enter Shira. So tiny at just a few weeks old I had to hand feed her and most days I would carry her around in the Breast of my jacket as it was mid to late fall and getting chilly at night. She quickly became the glue in our family. Loyal to no end but gentle and loving as can be with everyone in our house. (Human or animal.)
she is my oldest daughters sleep buddy. Every night without fail you will find shira in Gabbys bed.
shira has given our family nothing but love. She truly is a wonderful dog. She is family and she knows that. She is so incredibly loved and I know she loves us.
Shira has fallen very ill very quickly and is in the ER. The Doctors say she is in an addisonian crisis but responding well to treatment. She needs to continue treatment and the bill is rising beyond what we can deal with that the moment. Any help is appreciated.

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