UPDATE 12/21/2020 Shima had a successful surgery to remove part of a rope toy that was creating the issue. She is home and doing well. Thank you to everyone that helped make surgery happen.

Shima is a loving playful puppy who unexpectedly fell ill. Shima was taken to the veterinary hospital the 18th. The hospital did many test to understand what’s going on with her. The doctor told us she seems to have a foreign object in her stomach. They tried to induce her vomit to see if she can pass the object naturally. Shima is unable to do so. The only option to remove it is surgery. The doctor told us this is a deathly manner and needs to be done ASAP. The total cost of surgery is estimated to be at least 2,400. I am unable to pay for her surgery alone. It was so unexpected and it’s near the holiday. If anyone would be kind to help me get Shimas surgery it would be greatly appreciated. I know times are hard right now with the holidays and Covid. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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