Seabiscut recently slipped from wall or floor and injured back legs when my back was turned petting my newly adopted kitten from a kill shelter and he seemed really injured. We went to the ER and no noticeable major injures beside leg popping and newly unsure if pooping!! I am taking him to a follow-up visit because I am afraid his colon is backed up and will cause further issues/ I am also hoping the leg does not need surgery. He seemed to be feeling better but is not using the litter box except to pee. He did try 3 x that I saw this week and I gave him pumpkin and his favorite wet food but limited eating. Hes my Baltimore md boy I rescued him worked security near train station in bmore and he is very special to me. I have raised him since he was so tiny at about 3 weeks old. He is a survivor!! I am asking for help as I have used all extra funds on the first ER visit. Thank you for any help.

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