Three weeks ago Romeo stopped eating and was passing urine in droplets. He was been vomiting, and had Diarrhea that was the color of tar. I thought it was stressed related and he would be fine. Little did I know it was a bigger problem then I expected. I took him for checkup on May 18th, 2017 and my Romeo ended up staying in the hospital overnight. I found out that his kidneys levels were extremely high due to the fact of not passing urine properly. The reason he wasn’t passing urine they found numerous stones in his urethra. Since he wasn’t eating and drinking much he was extremely dehydrated. During his overnight stay they provided him with fluids and antibiotics. They were hoping for the stones to pass or flow back to the bladder. Unfortunately, the stones didn’t flow back to the bladder and only a few small ones passed through his urine.

The only option for my Romeo is to have a surgery which they would open up his genitals in order to remove the larger stones that aren’t able to pass. They wanted to keep him over the weekend to continue to monitor him but I wasn’t able to afford that bill so I had to discharge him on May 19th 2017. He is currently resting, drinking water and eating again. He is still leaking and not passing urine properly. The goal is to raise the funds so he can get the surgery he needs. He would need to get the surgery as soon as possible limited any further damage to his organs. Please help if you can. No amount is too small. Romeo and I thank you in advance!

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