UPDATE 10/19/17 A Neurologist thinks Rocky has either had a stroke or has a brain tumor. They are going to try some meds and see if there is any improvement. If not Rocky will need an MRI to correctly diagnose what is going on. Please donate if you can.

Rocky is my service dog i have had for 3 years now. He came to me from an abused home. I have taken very good care of him and paid all of his veterinary costs. While assisting with a recent charity event, Rocky injured his back. Rocky is in severe pain and has lost the use of his back legs. The Vet says Rocky has a ruptured disc and needs surgery. His only alternative is to be put down. Please help by donating whatever you can so Rocky’s life can be saved and he can live pain-free. We want Rocky to have many more years to assist his disabled human! Thank you. Rocky has been at the vet all week on crate rest and there is no change in his legs. I miss him so much.


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