Update: Princess passed away and our thoughts and prayers go out to her mom. Run free at the bridge now sweet Princess

This past year I have had two pets get seriously ill. I have spent all my savings trying to make sure they get the best care possible in their geriatric years. My dog, Tyco, 13 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes and two fractured teeth this past spring. I’ve managed to get his diabetes under control but the tooth removal has been hard to save for due to unforeseen circumstances. I was close to my goal when my cat, Princess, 19 years old, got very ill last week and I had to spend everything I saved to help her. I got all her blood work done and her infection has been treated but once again I ran out of money and in order to continue treating her I need the tooth removal done. Her removal takes priority over Tyco’s since it’s causing her to not be able to eat. At the moment she has lost more then half her body weight, currently weighs 3.9 lbs. I’m fearful she is starving to death and I won’t be able to save the amount of money she needs in time to save her life. I’m desperately seeking and would be so grateful for any assistance that you could offer.

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