Pretty in Pink (or Blue)

                    Mixed-up Genetics

                             My Story


My story begins 4 ½ years ago in West Virginia, as an adorable bouncing baby boy puppy, born into a family of dachshund breeders. When I was just 8 weeks old, I was adopted by my forever family who live in MD. They named me Dunkin, in honor of the donut place where the deal was consummated. .As I settled into my new home, I was a perfect little guy, except for nagging, recurrent urinary tract infections. My primary care vet recommended having me neutered, to alleviate the problem. So, I bravely went under the knife and hoped for the best. To my family’s dismay, the urinary problem persisted and became chronic.

Ultrasound testing with sterile urine culture collection revealed formation of multiple urine filled cysts along the prostate lining.




                                         Exploratory Surgery & Shocking Discovery Made –

                                                         The Story UNFOLDS…..

Despite multiple rounds of antibiotics, the infections recurred and became drug resistant.  When I was a little over a year old, I underwent major surgery.

When the vet surgeon opened me up, she discovered, in shocked amazement, that I was a mixed gender pup and had both male & female genital urinary parts that weren’t completely formed.  She proclaimed me to be a pseudo-hermaphrodite.   Can you imagine my surprise?  My family was also shocked by the news.  That means they might have neutered my ovaries rather than my testicles.  But it was too late to tell. I guess we’ll never know.  Even worse, should I wear pink or blue, dress as a girl or boy, or change my name?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dunkindunkin

The Aftermath & Subsequent


The aftermath was that the infected fluid-filled cysts continued to form causing poor urine flow due to my messed-up plumbing. The problem became life-threatening last year when an enlarged cyst ruptured into my stomach. Two back to back surgeries were required to save my life.  My organs were repaired and the rupture sewed-up.

Despite all my medical problems and special needs, I’m a tough little guy/girl and a productive member of my family. I remain happy, energetic, playful and cuddly. I have a great appetite too, especially for bagels and pizza (but don’t tell my mom).






                            Further Complications & Recurring Problems…

Around the time of the 2nd and 3rd surgery, my mom lost her job of 23 years.  Despite the financial strain, my family stood by me and covered the costs (maxed out on credit cards). They said they love me very much, whether I’m a boy or girl, and can’t bear to lose me.

Although my life was saved and the double procedure was deemed a success, we learned that it was only a Band-Aid. Post-operatively, multiple cysts continue to fill with infected urine and recurrent bacteria keeps getting more and more resistant to antibiotics. The most likely scenario for me, without a more aggressive approach, is sepsis, kidney failure and death.  The prognosis looks pretty bleak without a permanent solution.

Dunkin with Cone
Dunkin with Cone Post-op





             My Story’s Not Complete – I Need Your Help To Write a Happy Ending…

One more procedure has been recommended by my vet specialist. The proposed surgery promises to be a more permanent solution with a 75% chance of success. The operation itself is pretty straight forward; but in my case, it’s one of first impression.  Due to my mixed-up genetics, it’s more analogous to a sex change operation. My doctor says, I’ll urinate like a female dog. The plan is to re-route my plumbing to bypass the prostate and associated urethra in order to allow for a straight and unobstructed urine flow.

I know I can handle another surgery!  I’m not committed to either gender. I think I can live happily ever after in frilly panties or boxers. But, I can’t live at all without this surgery and my mom can’t afford it without your financial assistance and generosity. Contributions in any amount are welcome and gratefully appreciated.


Thank You,

Love, Dunkin

P.S.  I don’t care what color I wear.


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