Let me introduce you to Baxter. Baxter is the pride and joy of our family, and is one of 7 pets in our happy household. All but two of the 7 were strays that we took in off the streets and have done the best we can to provide good homes for and get them the best care possible. Baxter is our dream dog that we adopted from a breeder when he was just 7 weeks old. About a month ago, Baxter started to experience some discomfort and pain. We took Baxter to the vet and the specialist determined that there is some sort of issue with his neck. Since we are very limited on the funds we have, The doctor put him on some medications to see if this would possibly resolve the issue. For a little over a month now, Baxter has been Taking prednisone, tramadol, gabapentin, and methocarbamol. The medications seem to be helping but we have determined that they are simply a band aid to the bigger scope of What is really going on. Now being the animal lovers that we are, with this situation, the decision would be fairly easy and common sense if it was not for the fact that all of his functions are still normal. He can eat, drink, he goes potty, he is still active but on a limited bases as we keep him as mellow and non active as possible. If any of his other functions were affected, the situation would be different and all be it difficult, the decision would be easier to make, but they are not. They are perfectly normal. After a little over a month, Baxter is not getting worse, but not getting better either. We called and spoke with the Vet and explained where things are and the response that We got was heart breaking. The vet expressed to us that the next step to find out what is really going on would be to do either a MRI, or a CT scan. When I asked the Neurology department what we were looking at expense wise, I felt like I just got hit in the stomach with a wrecking ball. The price we were quoted just for the Diagnostics was $1600.00 and if surgery is needed, $6000.00. I am going to assume that the $6000.00 includes the diagnostics but not sure. In any case. Baxter spends a lot of time secluding himself behind the recliner and does not come out much. His behavior expresses to us that there is something wrong. We are faced with a very difficult decision. On one hand we can not afford to continue treatment/examinations to get his issue resolved. On the other hand, we can not continue to watch him suffer with this discomfort he is dealing with. Again, if any of his other functions were an issue the decision would be difficult but a little easier to make However, with the acception of this discomfort, he is perfectly normal and just as loving today as he was when we first brought him home. This is a last ditch effort to try and get him some help to save what is for the most part, a normal life. We are not the type to ask for help but in this case, If we are not fortunate enough to find a way to get him fixed, we will have no other alternative. We will not continue to watch him suffer just because we want to keep him alive due to the love we have for him. I would rather we show him we love him by resolving his pain, and if it means the inevitable, for as hard as that would be for us, so be it. So with all this said, please help us free Baxter from his pain and discomfort.Baxter’s current doctor is located at the Columbia River Veterinary Specialist in Vancouver Washington.

Thank you in advance for your interest and any assistance that we may be provided.



Larry and Kathy

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