Update 6/18: PJ is stable and holding his own. The lung seems to be doing well and the fractured pelvis is still a concern but he is doing ok. Thank you so much to everyone that has donated thus far, with your help he was able to get a really good consult with a good Dr. and meds to help him.

Unfortunately yesterday PJ our 5lb chihuahua was attacked by a dog that came into our property. PJ was rushed to the nearest emergency vet last night where they are working to stabilize him. Per the vet PJ has a crushed pelvis in need of surgery as well as a punctured lung. He is not stable enough for surgery at this time so the goal is to stabilize and potentially do surgery on Monday. This surgery is not elective and unlike some hip fractures we are told because of the many bone fragments and the fact that it was pushing on his urethra surgery needs to be done. We have paid all that we could come up with at this time with totals $1700. This is enough to cover vet care for PJ until Monday. Care credit and the other funding option recommended by the vet have been denied and unfortunately they will not do any kind of payment arrangement. Please help in anyway I you can

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