Some good news about Petey
Peteys mri went great they didn’t find any tumors. There’s fluid in his cerebellum, which they think is causing the vestibular symptoms. They tried to get a CFS Tap but couldn’t get it, so they sent out blood for an infectious panel and started him on antibiotics. So far it’s hard to tell if he’s doing better, I think he’s acting much more like himself since he started the meds. He doesn’t seem like he’s dizzy. Overall though the MRI ruled out tumors, it’s most likely caused by something viral or an infection so the medication will treat him

Thank you to all that donated. Thanks to moms hard work and the generosity of other organizations there is enough to get Petey’s MRI which will be Tuesday 7/2/19. We will keep you updated on the results.

Petey went to regular vet and was referred to neurologist because he is off-balance, dizzy and has been progressively getting worse. Went to neuro consultation on 6/25/19 and to move forward with his treatment he needs MRI. The veterinary specialist gave us an estimate of $2200 for an MRI for and I can’t afford it or get approved for care credit. He needs this MRI ASAP.