It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that Panini has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts are with her mom.

Panini into my life as a rescue I found her in somebody’s basement with a shoestring tie to her as a collar on a concrete floor with no water to speak of and when I saw that my soul spoke to me, and I said I could not leave her in that condition. So, I don’t know exactly how old she was but in no time, she became my best friend and she’s been with me for 12 yrs now. She is my best friend Panini is the matriarch of our little brood she takes care of the family. She’s awesome with children she brings out the best in anyone who meets her she’s a gentle and loving sweet soul whose presence cannot be replaced; we need her. Panini would go with me to my mom’s nursing home was she worked as a CNA and help to comfort the elderly her personality shined doing what was so effortless to her. Just her presence alone would perk up the residents and you could see a sense of acknowledgment in their eyes. I believe that was because panini made them feel love and companionship. Panini has a torn tendon in her heart area she needs to have fluid drained and stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days which would cost about $4,000. Any help is much appreciated.

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