UPDATE 8/22/18 We are happy to report that Nina has recovered fully and is back to her spunky self. Thank you to all that donated and kept Nina in your thoughts and prayers.IMG_4438

On the evening of August 1st, Nina Gaynor was injured in a confrontation with another, larger dog. Despite efforts to separate them, Nina suffered what we soon discovered to be a fractured cranium. Care at a nearby 24 hour clinic runs beyond what we can afford at a rate of $1,000 dollars per evening (ICU) to reduce swelling in the brain as well as administration of pain relieving drugs. Funds will go directly to said treatment and are needed as soon as possible to pay for the next few nights. Our household was able to pull and provide funds out of pocket for the first night with some help from the clinic. The following nights will be not be affordable. We have only had Nina a few short months but we are dedicated to providing all the care possible for our family. All assistance is appreciated and we hope to assist other families with their needs in the future.

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