UPDATE: Thank you to all that donated. Nina was able to get treatment and is responding well to the medication.

My cat Nina was given to me 2 years ago as a companion to my daughter. Since my daughter doesn’t live with me she has become my cat as well. She was given to me by her original owner who went into a retirement home. Nina is a talker and likes to express herself when she wants attention. I started to feel bad about leaving Nina alone in the house when I had to leave so I got a kitten a year and a half ago as a companion to her. It turned out that this other kitten developed a rare disease and required a lot of medical attention during its first year. Nina’s health care has been less than it could be. I assumed she was a healthy cat and she’s only been to one Wellness checkup since I’ve had her (not counting this new illness) Last weekend Nina started showing signs of illness, she was lethargic and not eating normally. Monday night I took her temperature and saw that it was very high. I took her to an ER veterinary clinic that night and learned that Nina was very sick. I could not afford to have her kept overnight and tests run. Nina needs further examination and hospitalization in order to treat what is causing her illness. Any help is much appreciated.

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