UPDATE- Neo did well with surgery and they removed a pacifier that had been in him for so long it was partially corroded.

Hi, my name is Neo.  I am an 18 month old Pit mix and have only lived with my adoptive family for three weeks.  Not much is known about my past, except that I was adopted once and returned in a few days.  The shelter told my family that I had food allergies and that was why I vomited.

I am now in the ER because I have not eaten or drank in 48 hours.  I have an intestinal obstruction which requires surgery. My adoptive family very much wants me to be part of their family and is doing everything they can to pay for my surgery, but they need help.

On behalf of our entire family, we appreciate any assistance you can afford to donate to help with Neo’s care.  We have fallen in love with Neo and wish for him to be part of our family for a long, long time.  We are not in the financial position to afford the $6,000  plus cost of the surgery.

Neo -Foreign body