Hello my name is Azena and I am an 11 year old rescue pitbull. I was rushed to Banfield on Friday December 2nd because I vomited and was really lethargic. The doctor came back and said I needed a couple of specialists. I went to Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists and found out I have a splenic tumor that has ruptured and I have a mass the size of a softball that is cancerous around my spleen area.

I require an ultrasound and exploratory surgery in order to make me feel better. If I don’t have the surgery done I will have to be euthanized, possibly within the week. The total estimate of my bills including surgery, chemo and rehab are around $10,000. Money is very tight in our home after just moving to Kentucky and paying bills for Grandpa’s place and ours. I have been with my mother since she rescued me at 7 weeks old, and have been a PTSD comfort dog for my father for the past 6 years. I would potentially live at least the next 1+ years if I am able to achieve my goal and get the test and surgery! This time will be spent living comfortably at home and I will be able to say goodbye properly, on my own time.

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