Update 4/20/18
Monkey is able to go home. Her inflammation from the pancreatitis is improved and she is feeling much better. The Pyloric mass is still there and unfortunately the aspirate did not give any conclusive results. Thank you so much to all that donated and helped save Monkey.

Update on Monkey 4/18/18
Monkey has received one round of the Hyperbaric chamber today and the fluid has been removed from her stomach. She has been sleeping on and off but still has a feeding tube. The original goal for Monkey has been met but unfortunately the longer Monkey takes to recover and the more treatment she needs the larger the bill grows. We have already paid out what has been raised and Monkey will need more. Monkey’s mom is still working on getting together additional funds from other resources and we are still campaigning as well. Monkey’s mom and the people here at Companion Bridge are so appreciative of the outpouring of love and donations that have gotten Monkey this far. Please continue to share the story and we will update you again as soon as we know something.

This is Monkey. I was not blessed with human children so she IS my child. Over the past month she has developed severe pancreatitis. Despite doing everything through my primary veterinarian, her symptoms have gotten worse. She can’t seem to hold anything down including water. She shakes in pain. She’s frail. This is the opposite of how my little “tank” has been all of her life. My primary has transferred her to a 24 hour hospital for testing and 24 hour care.
Monkey has been by my side since she was 6 weeks old. Her birth Momma abandoned her puppies so she was given to me early. She has been there for me through extreme sickness, divorce, heartbreak, moving across the country several times over, and everything in between. We haven’t been apart for more than a week in the almost 8 years she has been in my life. Financially I have never had luck even as I strive to make a better life for us. I have foregone my own needs to make sure she always has food, toys, a place to play and call home. I even adopted her a little sister to always have someone to play with. Nola, her sister, carries the ball around looking for her since she has not been home. She doesn’t deserve to suffer because I was not blessed with money in my pockets. I love her more than anything on this earth.

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