Update: Momma has had surgery and is back home and getting around just fine.

Hi! My name is Momma. My life started kinda rough. Somebody threw me away with skin torn from my body. I was very young & had a kitten. The neighborhood I found helped me get well, fed me & spayed me. Now I am about 5 yrs old. I disappeared on 6/21/17. Four days later I came back. Only I know what hurt me. My new mom thinks it was a steel animal trap or wildlife attacked me. All I can show her is my broken(1/2″ is missing) bone, the muscles & tendons. She tends to my wounds two times a day. I get so upset but she says I am the most forgiving cat she has ever known. I give her lots of love after she doctors me. The infection is almost gone but the vet says we need to amputate on 7/6. My lower leg has no feeling & I will never heal. Surgery $1,400. We have some money for surgery but need a bit more. I have found my forever INDOOR home with my new mom. Every little bit donated will be deeply appreciated. Luv, Momma & Mom.