UPDATE 6/28 Molly is doing well enough that she might be going home tonight. Thank you to all that donated and kept Molly and her family in your thoughts.

Meet Molly. Our first rescue that we rescued 3 months ago. Her first vet bill cost us $1,000 due to the neglect from previous owners. This morning she wasn’t her usual self. She started throwing up numerous times. She went under our deck and laid down. She was breathing hard and wouldn’t answer to her name. After carrying her inside we tried to give her food or water and she refused. We rushed her to the vet, she had pale white gums and was breathing very hard. After the vet got her stabilized a little with IV fluids her color is starting to come back a little. The blood work and X-rays came back and they think she got poisoned or has leptospirosis. This is breaking our hearts to see her this sick or for something to happen to her. Please if you can help it will be appreciated. Thank you!

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