UPDATE: Maxx is home and recovering from surgery – thank you to all that made this possible.
I have a male cat he is 2 years old and his name is Maxx and unfortunately it appears that Maxx has swallowed a piece of Metal ( Bread Twisty ) from the trash . I noticed he was not eating his food and barely drinking his water. I researched to see what could be the problem with Maxx, I tried getting him a new food and water bowl that did not work. I then tried chicken broth to see if he was bored with the water and wanted some flavor unfortunately that did not work either. I also bought some different wet food for him and he actually ate a tiny bit then he did not want it shortly after that, I tried everything and then realized he had to go to the hospital to get help. After getting to the hospital they did X-Rays and bloodwork and saw he had metal in his stomach they performed his surgery and gave him 24 hours to be released but they noticed he was not eating after offering my poor maxx 9 different cat foods. Maxx has been there for two days now the total cost of his stay could be between 3000-3200 I have came up with 2700 and unfortunately that is all I have. My cat is stressed and scared I just want to get him home as soon as possible this has been a complete nightmare, I am just hoping someone can help me and maxx he is such a great cat and usually full of energy. He truly holds a special place in me and my sons heart and we miss him a lot . Thank you all for reading my story and I am hopeful that we can bring Maxx home soon.

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