UPDATE: Max is doing much better and is able to eat and keep boiled chicken down. Thank you to all that donated and kept this little girl in your thoughts and prayers.


This is Max. She was born into a pretty uncomfortable and unfortunate situation. She was forced to share a crate with her older brother, who attacked her constantly when no one was looking. They were kept in this crate all day and night until my mom and I asked the owners if we could have her. We knew it’d be a huge responsibility but we couldn’t bare see her get torn up like this. She’s grown up so much since we brought her into our home. She’s even picked her designated stuffed animals out around the house and developed a VERY picky pallet. She loves everyone she meets and she’s only 7 months old. But today we came to a horrible realization after we took her to the vet. See, for the past few days she’s been really down, barely wagging her tail, and not moving much. She hasn’t eaten a thing or had one sip of water. We were getting worried fast, and then the vomiting started along with the diarrhea. We could see the pain in her eyes. We rushed her to the vet and they told us our worst nightmare was true. She was positive for ParvoVirus. They told us that the best treatment for her would be to keep her over night for a while with a constant IV bag and constant treatment. But then they told us the cost of all that. It starts at $2,000. I had $200 in my bank account. Just enough to cover the single treatment for that day. If you don’t know what ParvoVirus is, it’s a virus that sheds the intestinal lining from the inside out. I cannot stand to look at this beautiful dog and know how much pain she must be in. I would do anything to be the one who’s sick and take it all away from her. She just got out of a horrible situation and now she’s right back in one. Max needs help and I want to provide it for her but I simply can’t with where I’m at in life right now. She’s such a healthy puppy besides this awful ick she has. We just need your help.