Luna is our family’s first dog.

She was rescued at 8 weeks old from the local SPCA just days ahead of being put down. She’s been a nap buddy, a walking partner, a nerve calmer, a nerve wracker, a protector, a perfect dog. In the past month she’s been exhibiting a decline in health; fatigue, weight loss etc. Our vet ran some tests and found a growth on her spleen and possible cancer in her liver, though the biopsy came back inconclusive. The doctors have recommended removing her spleen and checking for growths surgically. It’s possible the issue is GI related and nothing to do with cancer, the only way to know is surgery. My parents have already spent $700 on an ultrsound and biopsy. The surgery and other expenses are about $5000, which is my goal here. My parents are torn up over this, and they already have financial issues. I’m trying to raise money to ease their burden. We’re grateful for anything to spare.

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