Lucy came into mine and my sons lives when she was eight weeks old. A grandparent of one of their friends had a little of puppies by mistake. We visited just to play with them but quickly went home with one of the most lovable and sweet little dog we had ever met. Lucy became pretty sick with anemia in 2012. The vet prepared us for the worst. But she persevered. As tiny as she is, she’s a tough little nugget. We love her so much. This morning we thought she was dying but Dr. Gruver gave me hope that she can surpass her infection with treatment. My heart jumped at joy that while pretty sick, she can get better with treatment. The cost however broke my heart. My family lives pay check to pay check. I most recently saved $400 from overtime work. In case of emergencies. Here we are well above the means our emergency fund can cover. As a proud woman who has raised her children alone, it does not come easy to seek this help. What does come easy is to seek the care our Lucy girl needs.

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