Our little Luckie is a spunky, cuddling 6 year old Yorkie Terrier. We received her on St. Patrick’s Day, that’s why she is our Luckie charm. Luckie is showered with so much love! She easily wins the hearts of anyone she meets. She’s just that adorable. She completes our little family. On Dec. 4th Luckie suddenly started to vomit her food and stopped eating or drinking. She wasn’t the spunky little Yorkie we know and love. After taking her to the ER the doctors diagnosed her with pancreatitis. Luckie means the world to our family; especially to our four year old daughter Blaire. In her own words “Luckie’s my best friend.” Before leaving her in the ER’s care we as a family laid our hands on her and prayed to God to bless Luckie and help us to get her the care she needs to survive. We are praying that anyone can be a blessing to us. We deeply appreciate any help that we can receive.

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