My beautiful cat Louie was born almost 2 years ago, on my bed as I slept. He’s been a ball of love and light since the day he was born, he truly is a son to me. He has disappeared for about four days, and after searching extensively we found him hiding behind the neighbors shed, badly injured. Upon taking him to the vet, we found he has a broken pelvis and dislocated hips. He currently has no control of his bladder, rectum, or tail. These symptoms may be neurological and permanent, or will get better as the inflammation decreases. The surgery to fix his hind legs will be anywhere from $3,000-4,000, and each night in the hospital runs about a thousand a night. The X rays alone cost $260, a cost I was unprepared for, which put me at negative $100. Without surgery and hospital treatment (MRI, medication, hospital stay) I would be forced to put him to sleep as the suffering would be too great. He’s such a young, loving cat and I’d give anything to keep him in this world. I’m prepared for the worst but I will never stop trying for him. I work full time, two jobs, paying off my student debt and supporting myself. He’s my best friend and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. Every little bit helps. Thank you.

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