Hello everyone this is Kuna. Seven years ago we rescued her during the Christmas season. She was abandoned and we feel she was left for us.Kuna, means family. She is our baby, our saving grace and entire world. She is typically an extremely active dog, full of energy, and she loves life to it’s fullest. She truly brings so much joy to everyone she meets. She zooms around faster than a speeding bullet (and that’s just when her Daddy gets home from work). Her speed, agility, and athleticism is what makes Kuna, Kuna! Pure happiness is what embodies her and the more happy she is, the faster she runs.Her energy surrounds your soul. It is so easy to fall in love with her, just ask anyone she’s met. Unfortunately, all of that is on hold due to serious spinal issues. We just found out today that she has several damaged vertebrae that are leaving her hind-legs weak and lame. She needs immediate surgery to prevent further complications, I.e. paralysis & this affecting other limbs. If you feel your heart call to provide a financial love offering to help, it will be appreciated.Due to COVID, I lost employment from two positions I was working full time. I know others are also in a tough financial spot, so thank you so much because anything will be so helpful.

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