The worst thing possible happened to our beloved dog Koda. He escaped the back yard and was struck by a vehicle. He was completely unable to use his back legs. We were able to get the money together for him to have spinal surgery and he seemed to be doing OK but when they removed the feeding tube he was regurgitating and it is possible he has a GI Bleed.

Although they rechecked his blood work to see if anything else is abnormal… white blood cell count was high but that could be from his surgery or his deep abrasion in his muscle producing them. Another possible cause for the GI issues could be from his pain medicine.. so they took him off of it briefly to see if that was the issue.. our vet bill estimate went from $5865 days to $10,500- $11,000. His daily care with wound care, feeding tube, medications, etc.. and his stay in the ICU is 650-850 per day. He has a bit more improvement with his back legs and he has been taking steps on his own. In order to find out why his GI symptoms are continuing we would have to do a series of testing… there are only 3 diff. tests they can do to see whats wrong. We were informed that we are past the last updated estimate. which means we def. exceeded the only resources we could pull in. They tried to tell me in the nicest way they could.. but it all came down to paying the 3K in cash or sending him home. Since we could not come up with the funds he came home still unable to eat and hold anything down. We have been caring for him and trying the medications they sent him home with but he is not doing well so today we have him at the emergency vet hoping they can help us. We are out of funds and any help is much appreciated.

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