UPDATE: Update on Kilo. He had surgery & they successfully got the stones that were in the urethra back into the bladder & were able to remove all of them. It took longer then they expected. He is being kept for observation & pain management until he is urinating on his own & his urine is clear. Thank you to all that donated to make this possible.

We have an Olde English Bulldog named kilo. He started having problems urinating. Took him to the vet, he treated him for a bladder infection. It started to help, then got worse. Took him to Veterinary Medical Center, a vet my vet told me about. They done an xray & it showed he had bladder stones. Some are in the urinary tube but all need surgically removed. The procedures are going to cost $3769.51. (This was totally unexpected). Unfortunately, there is no other option but surgery.

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